I Heart Fridays

[Etsy Find of the Week: togetherforever]

I think I’m in love with these clothes pin wedding toppers. They’re cute, personal and somewhat vintage. Plus, you can put this on a shelf somewhere after the wedding and tell people, “Look! It’s like mini-me, but ‘us’.”


  • As an iPhone user, I have yet to pay for any of my apps – one of my favorites right now is Wedding911 from TheKnot. It let’s you ask questions and get second opinions from other brides. It’s an open forum, so even if you don’t post anything, it’s pretty interesting to read what other brides are facing.
  • I’ve discovered a new wedding magazine this week called, Get Married. If you’re like me and you still appreciate being able to flip through pages printed on paper, then sign up for a free issue and check it out.

DIY Corner:

  • Only one thing comes to mind when I think of Japan (at this moment at least): beautiful paper products such as their Washi paper masking tape! This stuff looks awesome, especially when you consider all the lovely accents you can add to banners, escort cards, centerpieces, frames, etc. Luzel at iDIY shares several great ideas in a four-part series (1, 2, 3, 4).
  • IMO, envelopes look and feel better when they have lines. I feel the same way about pants and pencil skirts. While making liners might be a big time suck (especially if you’ve got 500 envelopes to line), they’ll look lovely in the end. Check out these step-by-step instructions from Darci at With This Ring.

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